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Fear Again

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Translated by Kim Martin Metzger

Reviewed by Martin Auer

The Dreamer
The Blue Boy
Planet of the Carrots
Fear Again
The Strange People from Planet Hortus
When the Soldiers Came
Two Fighters
Man Against Man
The Great War on Mars
The Sun and the Moon
The Slave
The Farmers who Were Good at Numbers
The Strange War
Star Snake
Traffic Jam
At Your Own Doorstep
The Two Prisoners
The Bewitched Islands
In the War
The Story of a Good King
Report to the United Solar Systems' Council
Open Words
The Bomb
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We are
a peaceful country
and will never attack anyone.
someone attacked us.

Whoever doesn’t intend
to attack us,
needs have no fear of us whatsoever.

Whoever wants to try to
protect himself from us,
proves that he’s
afraid of us.

Whoever’s afraid of us,
thereby proves,
that he intends
to attack us.

So you see it is clear
that we have to attack anyone
who prepares to defend himself.


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